8 Best Songs That Will Help You Test Your Headphones Like a Pro |

You’ve found headphones that you simply like, you’ve in all probability checked a few
critiques, and even the client evaluations take a look at, but how do you truly know
if the headphones are really well worth the worth and if the sound high quality will probably be
match on your needs?

Testing. It’s all about testing. But how does one truly exams
headphones? What should you don’t know a single thing concerning the sound quality, yet
you’re simply trying to get respectable audio high quality?

The sound is all concerning the tones, frequency, and a few elements associated
to sound. Subsequently, sound high quality might be simply decided with a few songs. Perhaps not your favourite songs (although that may be a good place to
begin), but songs that may easily allow you to give attention to totally different sound
features to find out the quality.

Now, you don’t must be a professional, but when you understand what makes a
sound and why is it essential to regulate it, you will easily have the ability to
examine headphones and determine which sound higher.

So let’s get to it as this submit may truly be an essential stepping
stone to beat and unleash your expertise!

Why Ought to You Test Your Headphones?

What makes sound totally different in all headphones is the audio driver (in
other phrases, a speaker) that is positioned inside the particularly designed

As you’ll be able to in all probability guess it, without testing the headphones, you gained’t
be capable of examine it to other headphones, however there’s far more to the story.
Without testing the headphones, you gained’t be capable of understand how high quality the
headphones are or the meant use for the precise headphones.

Now, in case you check a few totally different headphones from the same brand, you’ll
discover that the quality will differ. The rationale for that is as a result of brands
produce headphones for the totally different meant use they usually all the time attempt to prime
their sound high quality.

In fact, the sound high quality issues, but typically, there are a few
totally different variations of sound which might be equally good, but they are a higher fit
for a number of totally different uses. Subsequently, testing is important.

However what in the event you’ve already bought the headphones? Do you have to nonetheless check
them and does it even is sensible to check them?

We say check them! There’s no purpose to not check them, even when you’ve
already purchased them. You’ll achieve more information about your headphones, achieve
intel on the skills and meant use its options, and you’ll even achieve

In the event you keep on with testing the headphones, you’ll truly have the ability to
discover that the sound high quality solely matters because of the audio driver. And guess
what? Two totally different headphones with the same actual audio driver could have the
similar or very comparable sound.

In fact, producers aren’t very keen on just writing the audio
driver beneath the specifications, however it’s commonplace to see it. In such case,
in the event you’re acquainted with a specific audio driver, in such case, you possibly can even
buy the headphones without testing them out since you realize what you’ll be

The audio quality won’t matter as a lot to everybody, however when you’re a
perfectionist or skilled who is in a want of a specific high quality commonplace –
this publish is the appropriate place for you.

Points to Look Out For in Each Headphone Test

As talked about earlier, sound high quality is outlined by the elements and it’s
all it is best to look into. As soon as you already know an important features – you’ll
know exactly what to look out for.

In different phrases, once you recognize what you’re on the lookout for, the whole lot else
will probably be a simple process.

Even earlier than going to the songs you can use to test headphones, here
are an important elements & elements you need to look out for.

  • Frequency response
  • Spectral flatness
  • Dynamic range
  • High quality
  • Driver matching
  • Wiring

Frequency Response

As you’ve in all probability observed, each headphone which might be being bought state
the frequency response that they will handle.

To find out frequency response, you don’t have to have the headphones
with you. You can merely learn the statistics launched by the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, in the event you already personal the headphones, you will discover the tracks the place
the sound is being produced from 10 Hz to 200 Hz.

A few of the greatest headphones will go as low as 20 Hz, which you also the
lowest limit of our listening to. Maintain that in mind.

Together with frequency response, testing out for treble extension is a
sensible thing to do – and it can be accomplished with a correct audio monitor. Good
headphones will have the ability to produce a treble extension of up to 20 kHz, which is
the higher restrict of the human listening to range.

Spectral Flatness

You don’t want your headphones to sound flat. Why? As a result of our hearing
isn’t good and we really need headphones that may compensate for our
hearing curve.

Here, you will have to determine the frequencies reproduced by the
headphones and make sure they persistently fit between decrease and higher limits.

You don’t need a dip or peak in a specific frequency range.  The
approach to check is to use a perceptual sweep spectral flatness check that may
decide the standard of the headphones.

For some individuals, this won’t be really essential, however we consider it’s
essential for musicians.

Dynamic Vary

What dynamic range represents is the distinction between the loudest and
quietest sign you possibly can hear out of your headphones.

Nevertheless, dynamic range isn’t officially a a part of the headphone specs
so you gained’t be capable of find it said by the manufacturer, nevertheless, it will probably
assist to find out the sound quality in a noisy surroundings.

The simplest strategy to decide the dynamic range of your headphones is
with the Dynamic check.


You won’t know this before, however even whenever you’re simply checking the
headphones for the sound high quality, you must take note of the construct
high quality.

The rationale for that is simple. Poorly assembled headphones can start to
rattle during loud or deep bass noises.

The standard of headphones construct could be tested by enjoying a Bass Shaker
check monitor which can literally shake the audio drivers in your headphones. The
sweeping tone should stay clear and pure at all frequencies.

Buzzing or rattling is a signal of poorly assembled headphones and that
may affect the general sound high quality, particularly with the bass.

Driver Matching

Every headphone comes with two drivers, left and proper driver. The purpose
of taking note of the drivers is to ensure they’re matching each other.

The left driver ought to match the correct driver, and vice versa so as
to breed a trustworthy stereo image.

The simplest option to check whether the drivers are matching is to use a
Full Vary Sweep monitor and ensure that the sweeping tone keeps the right
central place during all frequencies.

We might advocate you to do this check twice with headphones reversed,
simply to be sure to don’t mistake your ears & hearing for the standard of
the headphones.


There’s far more to wiring than a easy wire that is more often than not
the most important problem to headphones users who aren’t ready to go wi-fi.

The wiring of the drivers is essential and the relative polarity between
the drivers ought to be preserved. Because of this in the course of the enter signal, both
drivers have to be shifting in the same path.

In the event that they move opposite of each other, the sound won’t be symmetrical
and centered. The right wiring might be simply tested with a few tracks
specially designed to play left/proper sound and middle/twisted sounds.

How Execs Test Their Headphones?

Even before studying the methods execs use to test their headphones, now
when you recognize crucial features and elements to look out for, it’s time
to study concerning the 3 commonest sound varieties on the market.

Sound high quality is also called a signature, so when you ever read
something concerning the signature – you must know that it’s referring to the
sound high quality.

The rationale it’s known as a signature is that there are a variety of
totally different sound interpretations. And as talked about earlier, there may be a
few totally different headphones with few totally different sounds, but still, be equally good.

Three commonest signatures are:

Nevertheless, there are various different sound signatures similar to mid-focused,
vibrant, warm, and darkish. Learning the which means of every certainly one of them might be very
helpful so you’ll be able to easily categorize the headphones. This can make it easier to when
evaluating the headphones or figuring out their high quality additional.

In the event you went and talked to the professionals, you’d get totally different solutions. The
purpose for that’s the following. There are not any one-for-all exams, nevertheless, all
execs depend on the points of sound quality they usually’re actually sensible at
understanding all the things there’s concerning the sound.

Once they know precisely what they’re in search of, they’ll easily find it.
However one factor is for positive, they’ll all inform you that aside from performing some
audio exams to find out the standard of the headphones, they’ll all the time find yourself
their checks by listening to some songs (even a few of their favorite ones).

And we’ve discovered that it’s precisely what execs have in widespread when
they’re testing the headphones. We’ve even went actually far to get a number of the
most favorite songs from execs that they use during their headphone testing.

We all know that’s exactly what you came here for, and we gained’t maintain you any
longer – so let’s just get to it!

Listed here are The 8 Best Songs to Test Your Headphones

Right here is the record of 8 songs which we’ll briefly explain, and you may
use them & combine them with a few of your favorite songs for the most effective

1. Fleet Floxes – Fool’s Erand

This track is perfect for testing the midrange high quality, and
it’s a music that has been on a quite a few lists of execs we’ve

Vocal strains can simply be discovered in this monitor which is basically essential
whenever you’re testing the midrange, nevertheless, stability and warmth, along with a
help for decrease frequencies & vocals could be judged by listening to this
single music.

2. Explosion within the Sky – Wilderness

For testing the general stability, we have been fairly excited and
stunned to seek out out that this music was on the record of 1 skilled during
his strategy of headphones testing.

Once we’ve questioned him about this music, he informed us that this track is
good for general stability as a result of often, it’s not straightforward to get the overall
stability right.

This monitor covers a lot of frequency ranges which makes it very potential
to determine the general stability after a few tries.

three. Havergal Brian – Symphony No1 in D Minor

Whereas this track may look very odd (and it’s odd to some individuals),
there’s even a purpose why the D minor model is chosen for headphone testing.

It’s a track that could be very appropriate for testing the degree of
element since some headphones actually lack detail, and whereas it can be arduous
to identify it – it’s pretty straightforward with this monitor.

This music options giant scale orchestral pieces which make details
stand out throughout this track.

4. Pharoah Sanders – You’ve Acquired to Have Freedom

This music is perfect for testing the treble high quality, and as
we’ve mentioned earlier, aside from using a few check tracks, using a track like
this is the right method to decide the quality of headphones’ treble.

What’s really good about this music is the saxophone which could be very loud
and clear, and that’s what you need to put your concentrate on. You don’t want your
ears to bleed from a horrible treble quality, right? Give this track a attempt!

5. Darkside – Paper Trails

Bass could be very famous nowadays, especially with the variety of DJ’s and digital
music – and this music is ideal for testing out the bass management. Whereas
there’s a variety of songs you may come up for testing the bass, this one
looks like a touchdown.

This music gained’t wobble your ears yet it’s going to truly let you hear what’s
happening down there and depending on the standard of your headphones, you’re
both going to listen to it or not. This music has a very shifting bassline which is
why it’s a track #5 on our record.

6. BadBadNotGood – Talking Gently

You won’t know this by now, however some execs go even a step additional to
check their headphones for rhythm and timing. Sure, you’ve heard it

While this won’t be actually essential to you, it’s undoubtedly
essential to professional musicians. And consider it or not, there’s a track that’s
good for such check.

This track is perhaps easy, nevertheless, it provides a strong beat and timing
which feeds how instruments interact. When you pay attention intently, you’ll have the ability to
decide up each single instrument partaking and disengaging from the music.

You don’t want your headphones to sound unfastened and disorganized throughout
the performance, so check your rhythm and timing regardless of the meant use of
your headphones.

7. Joe Goddard – Lose Your Love

Whereas most people discover this one to be loopy (even we thought the thought is
a bit foolish), until the moment we’ve met with a professional who confirmed us the
method he exams headphones for pleasure, drive & enthusiasm with
this track.

In any case, you need your headphones to have a “soul”, right?

Whereas this music may be changed with a number of totally different songs, this
actual music will make you are feeling each beat drop, and that’s what’s so particular
about it.

8. Arvo Half – Tabula Rasa

Should you don’t check the headphones for a dynamic vary, you
may get a flat performance which might make your headphones sound like a

This track is filled with large-scale dynamics which don’t stand still but
fluctuate, and as they do, you’ll hear it in your headphones – if they’re good

We’ve came upon that even this track is absolutely good, it can be changed,
and for those who’re trying to check dynamic range with some other music – we advocate
you to look out for a music with a smaller-scale dynamic range.

Such a selection will make a higher impression and will make it simpler for
you to determine the vary. Pay attention to the voices & expressions,
since that’s what’s necessary regardless of when you’re watching films or listening
to your favorite tunes.


Despite the fact that all of this might sound overwhelming at first, especially when you
haven’t any technical expertise and aren’t an audiophile – we are right here to inform you
that it truly isn’t.

You won’t perceive the phrases of the features & elements, however
after just studying a bit about them, you’ll know exactly why are they
necessary, what they do, and even methods to recognize them.

These 8 songs could be a bit strange at first, but once you give it a
bit of your time and you pay attention intently, you’ll have the ability to notice virtually
every thing we’ve described in this submit. In case you can’t discover all of it, your
headphones are perhaps not as high quality as you’ve thought.

As an alternative, making an attempt out totally different headphones on the retailer or borrowing some
from your audiophile buddies (we’ve all obtained that audiophile pal) will assist
you follow and study extra. However for now, this submit is a good spot to start out
and result in ultimate & quick high quality checks.

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