How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (and Make it Smell Nice)

It’s one factor using your Dyson vacuum cleaner; it’s one other solely to maintain it clear and absolutely operational.

​A vacuum cleaner that isn’t maintained will typically end up dropping suction and probably even breaking down.

Not to mention that a lack of cleaning can lead to a really horrific odour over time (particularly if in case you have pets).

​So, how precisely can you keep your Dyson squeaky clear? Nicely, I have simply the remedy for you, and all you need to do is take a moment to read by way of my detailed information.

How Do You Clean a Dyson Cordless or Handheld?

Taking the time to completely clean your vacuum is exceptionally necessary. If you’d like it to reside a lengthy life, and performance appropriately for years to come, you want to hold it maintained.

I truly sourced a incredible and detailed video that takes you through each inch of the cleansing process in your cordless Dyson.

This video focuses on the Dyson V6 and V8, but it can be utilized to the V7 and the V10.

This video takes you thru all the things, together with details on how to clean:

  • The ground head and brush bar
  • The dust canister
  • The shroud
  • The attachments
  • The surface of the machine
  • The filters
  • The little nooks and crannies

Can You Wash a Dyson Filter?

Sure, you possibly can wash a Dyson filter, and it is strongly suggested that you simply achieve this. The usual Dyson filter may be found in the prime of the mud canister, and it slides out effortlessly.

It also has a conical shape, which makes it fairly straightforward to clean. The very first thing it is best to do right here is remove any strong debris that’s inside it to make the washing process easier.

Subsequent, flip the tap on in your sink and rinse it beneath cool water till it is good and clean. Some individuals use washing up liquid, but this is not suggested as it can hinder the power to take in dust and different particles sooner or later.

Once it has been rinsed out, squeeze the filter to remove extra water and then depart it on the aspect to dry for no less than 24 hours.

It must be completely bone dry earlier than you set it again within the vacuum cleaner. As a further notice, you need to verify the filter on a month-to-month basis, and even when it seems clean, it ought to nonetheless be washed.

Not cleaning your filter recurrently can lead to a lack of suction, and even the machine breaking down totally.

Can You Wash a Dyson HEPA Filter?

The HEPA filter is often situated close to the motor on a Dyson vacuum cleaner, with a strong seal underneath to forestall any mud and particles from getting past and into the precise motor.

​It can be slipped out fairly easily, which makes it a lot easier to clean. So, the brief answer is yes, you’ll be able to wash your HEPA filter – and it is best to.

Upon getting eliminated it, take off any fluff or debris that could be stuck to it (though this is unlikely) and then activate the tap in your sink.

Permit it to be rinsed underneath cool operating water, and be sure that all the mud and dirt is faraway from it. As with the regular filter, it is best to keep away from utilizing soaps and washing up liquid and as an alternative use plain water.

When you will have washed it, depart it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours and be sure that it is completely dry before placing it back in the machine.

Often, you must examine your HEPA filter every six months and wash it. Nevertheless, I like to inspect mine on a monthly foundation to make sure that it is clean and functioning.

How Do You Clean a Dyson Head?

Whenever you go to clean your Dyson floorhead, there are only a few simple steps that want to be followed so as to achieve success. Put together yourselves for the simplest vacuum head cleansing ever:

#1 Take away the floorhead from the vacuum cleaner. You are able to do this by clicking the discharge button, or removing the collar that retains every thing in place.

#2 Examine the comb bar, and use a pair of scissors to reduce any hairs which have turn out to be wrapped round it. You may as well gently brush away any particles that has been collected within the head.

#3 If the comb bar is basically clogged and you’re struggling, take away the soleplate to get a higher take a look at what’s happening.

You will have to unlock the plate using levers or discs; relying on the mannequin of Dyson vacuum you have got. You’ll be able to even take away the brush bar utterly if required.

The newer models permit the bar to be removed from the aspect on a few of the floorheads.

#4 Removing the comb bar can also be a smart way to entry the roof of the floorhead, and you need to use this opportunity to seize a clean material and wipe it down from the within.

This removes small particles and mud, maintaining it good and clear in addition to absolutely operational.

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Burnt?

If there’s any sort of burning odor coming out of your vacuum cleaner, then it is just not regular in any means. It is often something critical, and it is best to unplug your vacuum cleaner instantly to be able to inspect the issue. Verify for the following issues:

Smoke. In case you see smoke, it might be certainly one of three things. The primary is that you’ll have sucked up a lit cigarette that’s burning contained in the machine.

I do know that sounds amusing, but it occurs a lot greater than you may assume. If so, be careful emptying your vacuum and achieve this immediately.

Smoke may be from the electrical motor, and this tends to be one of the extra widespread causes. If the filter is blocked or the dust canister is full, it causes the machine to start operating actually scorching, and this will lead to it going as far as to start smoking.

To repair this, clean the filters and empty the canister.

Lastly, it may be due to the drive belt. This can be found in the head of the machine, and it ensures that the brush bar is in a position to transfer freely.

Giant items of debris that get caught in the head can end up jamming the drive belt, or it might have slipped out of its grips. The friction brought on by both of this stuff is sufficient to make the machine smoke alarmingly.

Scorching cable or plug. If you odor burning and go to unplug the vacuum cleaner, take a while to contact the plug and the cable. If they’re scorching to the touch, it is probably going that you’ve an overworked motor.

You must clean your filters and empty the canister earlier than operating it again to see if the odor stays. If it does, it might be one in every of two things.

There could also be a unfastened connection inside the plug that needs to be tightened to ensure that it to perform safely and appropriately. If the plug nonetheless gets scorching, guarantee that there’s a tight fit between the plug and the precise socket.

You can do this by testing the fit in a number of sockets. If this doesn’t work either, you need to seek advice from a licensed electrician.

Tangled hair within the brush bar. That is a quite common trigger, especially in case you have pets or the individuals in your house have long hair. When hair will get wrapped around the ends of the comb, it causes friction that then produces a nice deal of heat and the related burning odor.

All you need to do is remove the hair and clean the comb bar to get it all functioning usually again.

Can You Wash Out the Dyson Canister?

Yes, you’ll be able to wash the dust canister out, and it is a very simple course of. All you want to do is remove the canister from the primary body of the vacuum cleaner and empty it as normal.

Make sure that the canister is completely indifferent from the shroud before cleansing. Upon getting finished this, take it to the sink and rinse it out so that any debris is washed away shortly.

Then, take a material or a sponge and pour some washing up liquid onto it. Use it to actually scrub the within and out of doors of the canister, reaching into corners and clearing out the grime.

You need to then completely rinse it, and repeat the process if needed. When this is executed, depart the canister to dry and make sure that it is completely dry earlier than you reattach it.

For cleansing the shroud, you should use a material to wipe away dust that has been caught up in it. If there are any blocked holes, you need to use a length of wire or a paperclip to clear them out and ensure proper airflow.

How to Empty Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Here is a excellent video for emptying the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners. It features the V8, however they are all primarily the same.

A quick rundown of the steps taken to clear out the vacuum cleaner easily:

#1 Make sure the debris doesn’t go past the MAX line.

#2 Take the physique of the machine (handheld) over to the bin and maintain it over.

#3 Carry the release change on the prime, and permit the contents to be emptied into the bin.

#four Close the bin and clip it back together.

Visit Dyson V11 Evaluation to know more about this product.

How to Empty Dyson Upright Vacuum

Here is a incredible, and detailed, video guide to present you how you can empty and clear an upright or cylinder Dyson vacuum cleaner.

A quick rundown of the steps to straightforward emptying and cleansing:

#1 Make sure the debris doesn’t attain previous the MAX line in the canister.

#2 Remove the canister from the machine and maintain it over the bin.

#three Release the lid on the canister and allow the contents to fall into the bin.

#4 Remove the top and shroud, then grab a clear material and wipe the inside of the bin out.

#5 Put the canister again together, and reattach it to the machine.

How Do You Deodorize a Dyson Vacuum?

There are a couple of different methods you possibly can deodorize your Dyson vacuum cleaner, they usually all work rather well for maintaining the odor recent and wonderful.

​The primary you possibly can attempt is 2 drops of eucalyptus oil on every of the filters. That approach, when the vacuum is operating, they may produce a nice odor the entire time.

You’ll be able to place a freshener underneath the HEPA filter as nicely, and this can hold things nice and recent when you clean.

Washing the interior of the dust canister with white vinegar can also be a incredible approach to deodorize the vacuum, and it may even work as a disinfectant.

It really is so simple as white vinegar on the material, scrubbing the canister, and then rising it out afterwards.

How Do You Disinfect Dyson Attachments?

Disinfecting your attachments is the right approach to cease the spread of bacteria in your house. I quite like soaking them in white vinegar for around 5 minutes earlier than rinsing them in warm water and permitting them to dry.

It’s my most popular technique, and white vinegar does act as a superb pure disinfectant.

You should use harsher chemical compounds that have a larger proportion for killing bacteria. Nevertheless, I do really feel that these may be a little too harsh on the attachments (particularly the comb tools).

While they do a good job, they should be used as occasionally as attainable, whereas white vinegar can be used extra liberally.

I have also seen some individuals use antibacterial wipes, and while these are quite effective, they do depart a sticky residue behind until you determine to rinse them off with warm water afterwards.

How to Forestall Your Animal Dyson Smelling?

What concerning the odor? It’s no secret that a lot of Dyson vacuum cleaners do end up with a range of different, but unpleasant, smells.

Listed here are a couple of great methods to forestall those odours from cropping up within the first place:

#1 Take a cotton ball and place two drops of the essential oil of your selection onto it. You possibly can then place it in the vacuum cleaner canister so that it removes any smells out of your vacuuming experience.

#2 Place a freshener underneath the HEPA filter in order that any odours are eliminated when you’re operating the vacuum cleaner.

You can too, as per the previous section, place some essential oil on the filters to hold the odor recent.

#3 Attempt to avoid sucking up anything damp together with your vacuum cleaner, and undoubtedly keep away from cat litter; even if it appears clean.

The latter can depart your vacuum smelling foul for months and will want to be washed completely to eliminate it.

How to Unclog the Dyson Animal?

There isn’t rather more irritating than a clogged vacuum cleaner, and if this has occurred to your Dyson, there are a couple of potential causes.

The primary of those, and the most typical with pets, is clogged brush bar. Listed here are the straightforward steps to fixing the difficulty:

#1 Flip off your vacuum cleaner and unplug it from the mains. Then, flip it over so that the bottom of the primary floorhead is each seen and accessible.

#2 Examine the brush bar, spinning it to see if it is stuck, but in addition to decide if there’s any unfastened debris that falls out.

Typically, a giant clod of dust can get caught within the head, or there are so many hairs wrapped across the bar it gained’t spin.

#three Utilizing a pair of scissors, reduce any hairs and fibres that have hooked up themselves to the bar and pull them away. Spin the bar once more to make sure that it is working correctly, and you’re good to go.

You also needs to shortly examine for any clumps of pet hair behind the bar; I have been caught out there a few occasions before.

Typically, the little turbo software will get clogged as properly. Due to its smaller measurement, it might be a little irritating to attempt to unclog. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be inconceivable, as you will notice under:

#1 Take a coin and place it in the yellow circle on the aspect of the attachment, turning it till it is unlocked. Then, pull the yellow circle out and away, revealing the mini brush bar.

#2 Slide the mini brush bar out of the top and look at it to see if there are any hairs or particles stuck to it.

You possibly can then use a pair of scissors to remove it from the bar, and shake the top to guarantee any unfastened debris that is still inside is emptied.

#3 Next slide the mini brush bar back into the attachment. Then, substitute the yellow circle and use the coin to lock it again into place. You’re ready to start using the device usually once more.

You might also find that the hose turns into clogged over time, and this may be frustrating to attempt to rectify as they’re so long. Comply with the fast and straightforward steps under to make a neater job of it:

#1 Pull the wand away from the hose and detach it. Then, remove the hose from the primary physique of the vacuum cleaner.

#2 Wiggle the hose round, tapping it towards a arduous floor to attempt to remove any strong particles that has grow to be clogged in the hose, or no less than loosen it.

Subsequent, take a lengthy object (like a broom handle) and slide it up the hose. You need to use it to push blockages out or to help break them up for straightforward removing.

Repeat the process till all the particles has been emptied from the hose.

#3 Once this is accomplished, you possibly can reattach the hose to the vacuum and the wand before using it as normal.

Finally, there’s the clogged U-bend. While the positioning may be a little awkward, it can also be one of many easiest areas to clean in a vacuum. Listed here are my simple steps:

#1 Change off the facility and remove the plug from the mains. Then, place the vacuum on its aspect and access the U-bend cowl.

You will be able to discover this easily as it is situated on the back on the bottom of the machine and there’s a distinct U-shape. The duvet flips open on the push of a button.

#2 Upon getting access, you’ll be able to remove any viable blockages shortly and with out problem; each inside the U-bend and the lower hose.

#3 When you will have cleared out all the offending particles, substitute the duvet and be sure that it clicks back into place. You at the moment are prepared to use your vacuum cleaner as regular once more.

How Do You Get the Musty Smell Out of a Vacuum Filter?

A musty odour is often brought on by mould or mildew in the filter, and this wants to be taken care of shortly.

It’s brought on by a combination of moisture and dust, as well as other nutrients picked up by your vacuum cleaner.

By the time you begin smelling the must, the mould could be very much alive and lively in your filter. So, how do you eliminate it?

#1 Take away the filter from your vacuum cleaner and take it outdoors. It will forestall you from spreading spores across the house; probably allowing the mould to develop in new areas.

#2 Clear the filter, emptying it if wanted, and then use the backyard hose to rinse it completely and remove any remaining debris.

As soon as this is completed, use either white vinegar or a mildew remover combined with dish soap and water to scrub the filter. This can remove any progress and spores.

#3 Rinse the filter and repeat the washing process if needed. After you have removed the mould, depart it to dry utterly before you place it again within the machine.

Whenever you go to use your vacuum again, the musty odour will probably be gone.

How can you forestall mildew from growing and creating that musty odor? The only answer is to be sure that you never use your vacuum cleaner to suck up moist messes or moisture.

You also needs to empty your vacuum canister after each use. I may even observe that if there are mould spores in your vacuum, it could possibly be pointing to different mould points inside your property and you must investigate additional.

Where to Put Vacuum Fresheners within the Dyson?

The most effective place to put your vacuum fresheners in a Dyson vacuum cleaner is definitely underneath the HEPA filter.

​It is the least obtrusive location, as when you put it in the bin it can get combined up with the debris as well as trigger clogs.

Additionally it is the world where you’re most certainly to find the supply of varied odours due to all of the allergens and particles that it picks up while you’re cleaning.

Most fresheners are very small and slim, so you’ll be able to simply slide them beneath the HEPA filter effortlessly and without difficulty.

How to Get the Dog Smell Out of Your Dyson Vacuum

Over time, the odor of your canine (and different pets) begins to waft out of your vacuum cleaner whereas it is in use.

Even after it is emptied, it remains, and it might be fairly unpleasant. Nevertheless, there’s a means to remove this odour, and all it takes is a few quick and straightforward steps.

#1 Take away the mud canister and empty it out if in case you have not finished so already. Make positive you get all of the hairs and filth out of it, even when you have to put your hand in there.

#2 Mix a answer of washing up liquid (half a teaspoon) with a generous amount of warm water in a bucket. Then, seize a material and dip it into the water.

Wring it out a little, and start scrubbing the inside of the dust canister. Make positive you cowl both the inside and out of doors of the bin. As soon as that is completed, rinse it and depart it to dry utterly.

#3 Remove the HEPA filter from your Dyson. If there are seen clumps of hair, decide them off rigorously and throw them away.

As soon as this is carried out, wash the filter underneath a operating stream of cool water from the tap, making certain all mud and particles is rinsed from it.

Then, depart it to dry completely earlier than putting it again in the machine.

#four Take a clean material and some white vinegar, undiluted. Dampen the material with it, and then use it to wipe off the inside and exterior of the mud canister.

This works to both deodorise and disinfect the world. You possibly can then dry it utilizing another clear material.

As soon as this is completed, drip two drops of vanilla extract onto a cotton bud and place within the canister earlier than your subsequent use. This helps to hold it smelling recent.

Right here’s our Dyson Vacuum Restore Information for one of the best fixing practices.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this has been in a position to reply some of your burning questions with regards to how to maintain your Dyson vacuum clean.

​It’s really not a nice deal of effort when it comes down to it, and the time it will take is minimal in comparison to different cleaning duties.

Plus, staying up to the mark together with your Dyson is usually the factor that separates you from having to fork out a large amount of money on a new model because you neglected the previous one.

By taking good care of your vacuum, it will final a lot longer.

What did you consider our Dyson cleaning information? Did you find our ideas and tips useful, or are there some that you simply feel have been neglected?

We love listening to from you, so depart us a message within the comment section under.