How to Fix Headphones? – A Definitive Guide to Fix Your Broken Headphones

At the very least once in our life, we now have all encountered situations where our trusty previous headphones just stopped working the best way they have been meant to (left earbud not working or proper earbud not working). It is a frustrating and annoying experience to reside by way of because it looks like all the invested money has been misplaced. Nevertheless, most of the time, these damaged headphones may be fastened somewhat shortly offered you recognize what you’re doing and have the tools to do it. Under is a detailed information on how to repair your damaged headphones.

Identifying the issue

Before you start channeling your engineering expertise to repair your headphones and determine why one aspect of headphones isn’t working, it is crucial to determine what the primary drawback is. The tools that you simply’ll want will typically depend upon that drawback. Some potential (and fixable) situations embrace:

  1. Headphone wire being electrically brief
  2. One aspect of headphones not working
  3. Defective audio jack plug
  4. headphones only enjoying in one ear
  5. one earbud not working (in case of earbuds)

Plug your headphones in and pay attention to the audio. If the sound shouldn’t be constant i.e is getting reduce out, attempt shifting the headphone wire. Attempt squeezing and twisting the wire each ½ inch or so using your thumb and verify if the slicing of the audio stops. If it does, your drawback will then be isolated to a faulty headphone wire.

In case your headphones are enjoying only in a single ear, then that merely signifies that one of the earbuds is just not working. Subsequently, the second state of affairs is pretty straightforward to determine.

If none of those appear to be the reason for your broken headphones, attempt pushing the audio jack in the plug. Be sure to do it gently and never apply too much strain. If the headphones begin to work on both being pushed in or angled in then meaning that you’ve yourself a case of defective audio jack.

What you’ll need

Earlier than you start the process of repairing your headphones, be sure to have all of the essentials ready. Right here’s an inventory of some instruments that you simply’ll be using to repair your broken headphones:

  1. Cutter or a pointy blade

  2. Soldering iron

  3. Soldering wire

  4. Electrical tape

  5. Wire strippers

  6. Heat shrink tube (non-compulsory)

  7. Blow dry (non-compulsory)

  8. Glue (non-compulsory)

How to Fix Headphones & Earbuds [A Definitive Guide]

Fixing a short wire

1. Finding fault within the wire

Together with your earbuds plugged in, use your fingers to turn the wire at a proper angle to your thumb and proceed to move down the wire. Attempt to be delicate with this as we are not looking for any further injury to the wires. As soon as you hear the sound correctly and with none reduce outs, mark that time in the wire. That is the place the problem persists.

2. Strip the wire

With the defective point within the wire situated, place the wire down a table and maintain it down firmly. Subsequent, grab a cutter or a sharp blade and punctiliously reduce via the insulating shielding. Use the tip of the blade to rigorously pull open the shielding and expose the damaged wire. This is the place you will have to solder and mend the connection. Using the wire strippers, rigorously pull off some more shielding so you have got extra room to work with.

three. Sorting by shade

With the wires stripped off, you’ll find 2 or 3 wires. Purple, green/white and black (in the case of 3 wires). Earlier than continuing additional, you must know that pink and inexperienced/white are for proper and left earbuds respectively whereas black is for ground. Next, reduce the twine in half and remove the faulty little bit of wire. With that achieved, type out the wires in accordance to colour.

4. Splicing and connecting

With the wires isolated, the subsequent step is splicing the wires which principally is simply connecting them. There are two kinds of splices: rat tail splice and in-line splice.

For the in-line splice, hold the two ends collectively in an X, with the copper intersecting at the midpoint. Use your thumb and forefinger to twist both the wires in opposite directions. Do this for all the wires of similar shade and splice them collectively.

And for the rat tail splice, place the two wires collectively and start twisting the copper. Rat rail splices are simpler to do however depart a much bigger bump, whereas in-line are barely harder however simpler to cover.

How to Fix Headphones & Earbuds [A Definitive Guide]

5. Soldering the connection

Hearth up a soldering iron and use it to soften a tiny portion of the soldering wire. Don’t let the tip of the recent solder iron contact the uncovered copper. It may well injury the wire, rendering it irreparable. After soldering a wire of one shade collectively, use electrical tape to rigorously defend it so it does not intrude with the opposite wires. Repeat and do the same for all two, or in some instances three, wires and solder them collectively.

6. Insulating the wire

The ultimate step is defending and insulating the repair you just made. You’ll be able to both use electrical tape to be a part of the wires together and properly have them insulated. Nevertheless, a safer selection can be utilizing heat sink tube. It’s obtainable at a very low cost worth and is straightforward to use. Merely slide over the tube over to the soldered joint and use a blow dry or a heat gun to shrink and constrict it.

Fixing one aspect of the headphones

1. Figuring out source of fault

Before you begin prying open the faulty earbud and begin repairing it, it is best to just remember to correctly determine the place the difficulty is. Attempt bending the wire over your thumb, as we showed in the first step of fixing a broken wire. If there seems to be some extent where bending the wire fixes the sound in both the earbuds, then there isn’t any want to open the earbud up. If that does occur, strip the wire up as proven in previous steps and mend the broken connection by splicing it and soldering it. If the appropriate earbud just isn’t working, almost certainly the purple wire is broken at some extent. And if the left earbud isn’t working, it’s the green/white wire that has the fault.

2. Opening the earbud

Earlier than prying open the earbud, it is best to consult the guide offered to have a common sense of the place you need to apply the strain. Some typically have measurement 0 screws in them, so you’ll want to undo them. As soon as all that’s completed, slide in a cutter or a pointy blade in between the earbud and pry it open gently.

three. Inspecting the drivers and wires

When the earbuds are pried open, you’ll see the driving force and wires related to it. Completely look at where every pin is related to which wire. Gently tug on the wires too to see if there are any unfastened connections. In the event you’ve discovered a unfastened wire with a damaged connection, subsequent step is fixing that.

How to Fix Headphones & Earbuds [A Definitive Guide]

four. Soldering the unfastened wires

Seize a soldering iron and a spool of soldering wire. It is crucial that you simply the wires do not intersect and that the soldering iron doesn’t immediately contact the driving force. The soldering iron is extremely scorching, and it could cause permanent injury to the driving force. Subsequent, solder only a dab of the soldering wire onto the pin and the speaker wire. Chances are you’ll need to consult a guide if there are multiple wires which have unfastened connections.

5. Replacing the driving force

If there are not any unfastened connections found within the third step and if the wire is perfectly intact, then you could need to exchange the driving force. Before figuring out how to repair that, it is best to remember that alternative drivers usually are not onerous to come by. Not only are they expensive however it will be important that the alternative match the original driver. An impedance mismatch may cause a really troubled stereo image which may damage the sound expertise for you.

With that being stated, to exchange the driving force merely minimize the rubber seal across the driver using a sharp blade and take away it. Place the new driver into the slot, making sure not to touch the diaphragm as it is extremely fragile. Add a tiny little bit of blue around the slot to ensure the driving force stays intact. Solder the wires, as they have been on the unique driver, and snap the earbuds again in place.

Replacing the audio jack

1. Eradicating the wires

Grab your wire cutters and minimize the previous audio jack off. Subsequent, strip the wires about three/4th of an inch from the jack and remove the enamel coating off to make soldering straightforward.

2. Sorting by shade

Twist like colored wires together and make the required length adjustments if there’s a mismatch.

3. Connecting the audio jack

With the like wires twisted together, slip the 3.5mm headphone jack into the sleeve of the wire. The elements which might be to be related with the wires have to be dealing with the connectors on the plug.

four. Soldering the wires

Using the soldering iron, attach the wires to the pins within the audio jack. It is best to let one solder connection cool off properly before continuing with the subsequent. Repeat the identical until all of the wires are related correctly and firmly to the pins on the headphone jack. You may also use soldering paste and apply it on the pins to make the fix extra everlasting. Soldering paste will make it possible for the melted soldering wire correctly sticks to the pins.

5. Reassembling the headphone jack

Ensure that no wires or connections are touching each other. This will cause a brief circuit and trigger injury to the drivers. Subsequent, assemble the newly changed headphone jack by firmly screwing within the plug again into the sleeve.

How to Fix Headphones & Earbuds [A Definitive Guide]

What to do and what not to do – some precautions

Doing this by yourself, particularly if it’s your first time, is risky business. Subsequently, you must rigorously read these precautionary measures earlier than fixing your damaged earbuds.

  1. You must be sure all of the wires are minimize off in even lengths. Uneven lengths of wire can have totally different resistance levels and thus, trigger injury to the headphones.
  2. Don’t let the solder iron immediately touch the naked copper or the driving force. The tip of the recent soldering iron can injury them and cause injury that could be unimaginable to repair.
  3. Earlier than happening to substitute the driving force, ensure you have completely checked the wire and the connections in both the earbuds. If the left earbud shouldn’t be working, you could find that the fault truly exists in the green/white wire (relying in your model of headphones). Equally, if the correct earbud just isn’t working, the problem may be that a broken connection within the purple wire exists. Rigorously twist the wire to just remember to’ve properly checked that the fault doesn’t exist in the wire.
  4. Should you’ve opened your earbuds up, gently clean off mud or any such particles off of the driving force. Don’t put too much strain as the driving force is a fragile piece of hardware.