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Why can’t my MacBook Pro trackpad click?

There are a number of causes the trackpad in your MacBook Pro may be unresponsive. Hardware faults — like a swollen battery — can block your trackpad from with the ability to click. Or software errors might imply a working click goes unrecognized.

It’s not uncommon to encounter the occasional drawback together with your MacBook. But before you rush off to the Apple Retailer for a lengthy wait, attempt fixing it your self with this troubleshooting information.

First, allow us to show you the best way to use your MacBook Pro when the trackpad doesn’t click on.

Fast Ideas

Comply with these fast tips to get your Mac’s trackpad working once more

  1. Verify your System Preferences.
  2. Carry out an SMC reset.
  3. Carry out an NVRAM and PRAM reset.
  4. Examine for macOS updates.
  5. Delete some plist information.
  6. Reinstall macOS utilizing Recovery Mode.
  7. Erase your exhausting disk and arrange as new.
  8. Run diagnostics in your MacBook Pro.
  9. Go to an Apple service supplier for repair.


How can I exploit my MacBook Pro if the trackpad doesn’t click?

It’s robust to comply with our troubleshooting guide under when you can’t click because your trackpad doesn’t work. Fortuitously, there are a few easy workarounds you need to use.

Step 1. Join a USB mouse

Apple Mighty Mouse wired USB mouse.Apple’s Mighty Mouse is a convenient answer to your trackpad issues. Image from Turbosquid.

Plug an external mouse into a USB port in your MacBook to use as an alternative of your trackpad. Your MacBook Pro should recognize the mouse, permitting you to point-and-click to your delight.

Step 2. Join a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad

Apple Magic Mouse Bluetooth wireless mouse.The Magic Mouse connects over Bluetooth to your MacBook Pro. Picture from Apple.

Alternatively, join an external mouse or trackpad to your MacBook Pro using Bluetooth. When you’ve already paired the system, it should join once you flip it on.

Otherwise, turn on the Bluetooth gadget and use the following key commands to pair it:

  1. Press command+area to open Spotlight.
  2. Search ‘bluetooth’ and press enter to open the System Preferences.Search for 'bluetooth' in SpotlightYou need to use Spotlight to open Documents, Purposes, and even System Preferences pages.
  3. Press tab to shift focus from the search bar to the units record.
  4. Navigate to your Bluetooth mouse using the arrow buttons.
  5. Press area to hook up with your Bluetooth mouse.Wireless mouse in Bluetooth preferences.The Bluetooth page lists all the discoverable units close by.

Step three. Turn on Faucet to click on your trackpad

If your trackpad can move the mouse, nevertheless it doesn’t click, you’ll be able to turn on Tap to click on as an alternative. You might want to use VoiceOver to take action, making it a bit extra difficult than the options above. However it’s still straightforward sufficient with our instructions.

  1. Press command+area to open Highlight.
  2. Search ‘trackpad’ and press enter to open the System Preferences.Spotlight search for Trackpad System PreferencesOnce once more, Highlight makes it straightforward to navigate your MacBook Pro!
  3. Press fn+command+F5 to turn on VoiceOver.
  4. If it’s the primary time you’ve used VoiceOver, press area to see the directions or V to skip them.VoiceOver Quick Start window.VoiceOver’s Quick Begin guide provides you a simple overview of how you can use the helpful function.
  5. Use VoiceOver to activate Tap to click:
    1. Press tab and use the arrows to give attention to Level & Click.
    2. Select it using management+choice+area.
    3. Press tab and use the arrows to concentrate on Tap to click on.
    4. Tick the field utilizing control+choice+area.VoiceOver being used to highlight Tap to clickYou possibly can see what VoiceOver has highlighted by the black field outlining it.
  6. Now you can click on by tapping your trackpad.

Step 4. Use VoiceOver

Apple VoiceOver logo.VoiceOver is considered one of many accessibility options in macOS.

When you don’t have access to an exterior mouse and your trackpad doesn’t work at all, you need to use VoiceOver and keyboard shortcuts to navigate menus in your MacBook Pro.

Press fn+command+F5 to activate VoiceOver. We advocate you comply with the pop-up directions to discover ways to use it when you don’t already know. Or study extra about utilizing VoiceOver on Apple’s web site.

Why is my MacBook trackpad not clicking?

macOS icon.Your trackpad won’t work due to macOS. Image from Wikipedia.

Your MacBook Pro click on has stopped working for both a software program or a hardware drawback.

Software program issues might be the results of your System Preferences configurations. Or a corruption might have arisen within the macOS. Both method, software program points are free to repair and ought to be something you’re capable of do yourself.

Hardware problems, then again, want an Apple technician to repair your MacBook. Perhaps the delicate ribbon that connects your trackpad to the logic board has disconnected. Or the trackpad itself might be broken.

Apple technician repairing a MacBook trackpad that doesn't click.Apple approved technicians have the talents and tools required to restore your MacBook Pro without voiding the warranty. Picture from iRepair.

New MacBook Pro trackpads with drive touch don’t bodily click on. The click sensation you are feeling is the result of haptic feedback, like in an Apple Watch. This bodily change might cause you to assume a software program drawback is hardware associated.

Make sure you attempt our software troubleshooting steps before jumping to any conclusions.

What in case your MacBook Pro battery is swollen?

In case your MacBook Pro trackpad is raised, it might be the result of a swollen battery. This sometimes occurs as batteries age. But be careful because if it splits open the chemical compounds inside may be poisonous.

MacBook with raised or lifted trackpad.A raised trackpad can point out that your battery is swollen. Picture from Apple Communities.

Other indicators of a swollen battery are poor battery life and swelling on the underside of your MacBook.

There’s nothing to fret about. But for those who suspect you’ve obtained a swollen battery, ebook an appointment to see an Apple technician as quickly as you’ll be able to. They will remove the battery and safely eliminate it for you.

How do I fix software program issues with my MacBook trackpad?

Comply with the steps under, one by one, to rule out software errors together with your MacBook Pro. We’ve ordered them to make it probably that you simply gained’t lose any knowledge. However you need to still make a backup before you begin.

Step 1: Examine your System Preferences

A number of choices in your MacBook Pro System Preferences might trigger you to assume the trackpad is damaged. When that is the case, all you could do is put your settings back to regular to resolve it.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad.
  2. Uncheck Enable Mouse Keys.
  3. Click Choices… and turn off Ignore built-in trackpad when Mouse Keys is on.
  4. Increase the Double-click velocity to a quicker velocity.
  5. Uncheck Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wi-fi trackpad is current.

Mouse & Trackpad options in the Accessibility System Preferences.Flip off all the choices which may affect your trackpad clicking.

You also needs to verify the Monitoring velocity in the Trackpad System Preferences. If this is too sluggish, your trackpad will really feel sluggish and unresponsive.

Finally, flip off Bluetooth. If this works, your MacBook thought it was related to an exterior Bluetooth mouse or trackpad.

Step 2: Perform an SMC reset

The System Management Controller (SMC) operates primary processes in your MacBook Pro — like responding to the trackpad click. If the SMC has turn out to be confused or corrupted, you’ll be able to reset it with out dropping any knowledge.

Unplug your MacBook from its energy adapter earlier than performing an SMC reset.

In case you have a MacBook Pro (2018):

  1. Go to Apple > Shut Down and watch for the MacBook to completely power off.
  2. Press and hold the facility or Contact ID button for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the button and anticipate 10 seconds.
  4. Press the facility or Contact ID button once more to turn on your MacBook.
  5. If that didn’t repair your trackpad:
    1. Go to Apple > Shut Down and look forward to the MacBook to completely power off once more.
    2. Press and hold the proper shift, the left choice, and the left control keys for 7 seconds.
    3. Maintain holding those keys and in addition press the facility button for an additional 7 seconds.
    4. Release all of the keys and wait 10 seconds.
    5. Press the facility button again to turn on your MacBook.

If in case you have an older MacBook and not using a detachable battery:

  1. Go to Apple > Shut Down and anticipate the MacBook to completely energy off.
  2. Press and maintain the left shift, control, and choice keys with the facility button for 10 seconds.
  3. Launch all of the keys and press the facility button again to turn in your MacBook.

When you have a MacBook with a removable battery:

  1. Go to Apple > Shut Down and watch for the MacBook to completely power off.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Press and maintain the facility button for 5 seconds.
  4. Reinstall the battery and press the facility button again to show in your MacBook.

Step three: Carry out an NVRAM and PRAM reset

NVRAM (nonvolatile random-access reminiscence) and PRAM (parameter random-access reminiscence) are small amounts of reminiscence used for settings on your MacBook Pro. They retailer issues like your display brightness, sound quantity, and time zone.

The steps to reset your NVRAM and PRAM are equivalent, and you shouldn’t lose any knowledge by doing so.

  1. Go to Apple > Shut Down and wait in your MacBook to completely energy off.
  2. Press the facility button briefly and then immediately maintain choice+command+P+R.Command, option, P, and R keys on MacBook keyboard.Find the keys in your keyboard before restarting your MacBook Pro.
  3. Launch all of the keys after 20 seconds, after the second startup sound, or after the second time, an Apple emblem appears onscreen.

Step 4: Examine for macOS updates

macOS software update badge.Typically you a badge tells you to update.

A bug in your MacBook working software program could possibly be the rationale your trackpad doesn’t click. When this happens, Apple is often quick to release an update that fixes it.

Verify for macOS updates on your MacBook Pro and you’ll want to obtain and set up any it finds.

  1. Go to Apple > About This Mac > Software program Update…About This Mac has a Software Updates buttonYou can additionally discover the Software Update web page out of your System Preferences.
  2. Wait in your MacBook to examine for updates.
  3. Click on Update Now if a brand new replace is on the market.Click Update Now in the Software Updates windowWait in your MacBook Pro to finish looking, then install any updates that it finds.

Step 5: Delete some plist information

Property listing information — or plist information — retailer consumer settings and preferences for purposes in your MacBook. They are routinely created and updated by macOS as you employ your pc.

When a plist file turns into corrupt, you possibly can delete it with minimal knowledge loss as macOS routinely replaces it. Nevertheless, it is best to make a backup before proceeding just in case.

It’s attainable the problem together with your MacBook Pro trackpad click is the result of a couple of defective plist information.

  1. Open Finder.
  2. From the menu bar, click on Go > Go to Folder…
  3. Sort /Library/Preferences and press enter.Go to Folder window in FinderThe Go to Folder perform lets you access beforehand hidden folders in Finder.
  4. When the Preferences folder opens, find and delete the following plist information (if a plist file is lacking, move on to the subsequent one):
    5. to Trash option on plist filesTransfer undesirable plist information to the Trash, or to a folder in your Desktop for safekeeping.

Empty the Trash and restart your MacBook after deleting the plist information to see if it fastened your trackpad.

Step 6: Reinstall macOS utilizing Recovery Mode

If corruption in your working software program prompted your MacBook trackpad to cease clicking, you could reinstall macOS completely. This must be potential to do with out dropping any knowledge, but we nonetheless advocate you make a backup first.

One of the simplest ways to reinstall macOS is through the use of Restoration Mode in your MacBook. This removes and reinstalls all the working software. It’d take several hours to take action, depending partially in your internet velocity.

  1. Go to Apple > Shut Down and wait in your MacBook to completely energy off.
  2. Press the facility button briefly after which maintain command+R.Command+R keys on MacBook keyboard.Discover the keys on your keyboard earlier than restarting your MacBook Pro.
  3. Hold holding each keys until you see the Apple emblem or a spinning globe.
  4. Enter your firmware password if prompted.
  5. When the macOS Utilities window appears, choose Reinstall macOS.macOS Recovery Mode Utilities windowRecovery Mode is the simplest method to reinstall macOS or restore knowledge to your Mac.
  6. Comply with the on-screen directions and look forward to the reinstallation to complete.

Step 7: Erase your exhausting disk and set up as new

The final software program troubleshooting step is to erase your onerous disk and set up your MacBook Pro as a brand new pc. It’s essential to make a backup of all the info in your pc first as a result of the whole lot will probably be deleted after.

Time Machine preparing to backup System Preferences window.Make a new backup of your Mac earlier than continuing.

If establishing your MacBook Pro as a brand new pc fixes your trackpad click on, then something in your present backup triggered the issue. You will want to incrementally recuperate knowledge to avoid restoring the corrupted file.

  1. Go to Apple > Shut Down and wait in your MacBook to completely power off.
  2. Press the facility button briefly after which hold command+R.Command+R keys on MacBook keyboard.Find the keys you need before restarting your Mac.
  3. Maintain holding each keys till you see the Apple emblem or a spinning globe.
  4. Enter your firmware password if prompted.
  5. When the macOS Utilities window seems, select Disk Utility.Disk Utility option in macOS Recovery Mode Utilities windowDisk Utility lets you restore and erase the Startup Disk in your Mac.
  6. From the menu bar, click on View > Present All Units.
  7. Choose the exhausting disk that incorporates all different volumes.
  8. Click the Erase button and enter the next details:
    1. Identify the arduous disk, reminiscent of ‘Macintosh HD.’
    2. Select APFS or Mac OS Prolonged (Journaled) format.
    3. Select GUID Partition Map scheme if prompted.Disk Utility options to erase hard diskEarlier than erasing your disk, you have to set a new identify, format, and scheme for it. Picture from Apple Help.
  9. Click on erase and watch for the disk to finish erasing.
  10. Comply with the steps above to reinstall macOS once more.

When you’ve erased your MacBook Pro and reinstalled macOS, comply with the prompts to set it up as a brand new pc.

How do I repair hardware problems with my MacBook trackpad?

In case you nonetheless can’t click on your MacBook Pro trackpad after our software program troubleshooting steps, then the difficulty have to be hardware related. Take a look at our ideas under to seek out out the cause and see about getting it repaired.

Step 1: Run diagnostics on your MacBook Pro

Though it doesn’t repair anything, run diagnostics in your MacBook Pro your self to get an concept of what the issue is. This might velocity up your appointment with an Apple service provider if you get a restore.

  1. Unplug your MacBook Pro from the facility adapter.
  2. Go to Apple > Shut Down and wait in your MacBook to completely energy off.
  3. Place your MacBook on a tough, flat floor with good ventilation.
  4. Press the facility button briefly then press and maintain the D key.D key from Mac keyboardSimply the one key this time!
  5. Release the D key whenever you’re prompted to decide on a language.
  6. Select your most popular language and look forward to the diagnostics to complete.
  7. Make a remark of any reference codes you receive.

Apple Mac diagnostics results.Make a remark of any codes you receive after operating diagnostics. Picture from Apple Help.

Step 2: Visit an Apple service supplier for a repair

Go to Apple’s Get Help page to guide an appointment with an Apple approved service supplier. Take your MacBook Pro and any accessories — charger, Bluetooth mouse, and so on. — to the appointment.

They may in all probability have to hold your MacBook for triage to work out what half wants changing.

Once I worked at an Apple Retailer, we aimed to complete all our triages in 48 hours or much less.

Apple Get Support Mac options.Choose Hardware Issues from the Get Help choices. Picture from Apple Get Help.

In the event you can’t go to an Apple approved service supplier, read the following pointers earlier than getting a third-party repair.

How much does a trackpad repair value?

In case your MacBook Pro is covered by an AppleCare warranty or shopper regulation, you could not have to pay in your restore.

Nevertheless, if you could restore your MacBook Pro outdoors of its warranty, a trackpad restore could be upwards of $200. Apple doesn’t give estimate costs until they have personally inspected your machine.

It’s all the time value letting them have a look because you may get fortunate they usually’ll do it at no cost.

Step three: Contemplate a home restore

When you’ve visited an Apple service provider but don’t need to pay for a repair, you could possibly do it your self. Hopefully, you have been capable of finding out what half wants changing.

MacBook replacement trackpad.You will get alternative trackpads in your MacBook online. Image from mac of all trades.

We don’t advocate this route when you’ve got a swollen battery, as they can be harmful and must be rigorously disposed of.

Trying a restore in your MacBook yourself voids any present warranty with Apple. Ought to Apple discover out, they may also refuse to work in your MacBook sooner or later even for those who pay for a repair.

For those who’d still wish to attempt a house restore, you’ll need particular screwdrivers, an anti-static work-mat, and the alternative half. You’ll find all of this on eBay or Amazon for much lower than it might value on the Apple Retailer.

Get a set of screwdrivers compatible with your MacBook before trying to replace the trackpad yourself.MacBook screwdriver set from Amazon.

Make sure you examine with the seller that the part they sell you is suitable together with your MacBook Pro mannequin.

Good luck, and tell us how it goes in the feedback!